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Helping leaders reimagine a
connected, motivated and
creative business 



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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Noble and I am
a storyteller who enjoys helping super connectors and businesses think creatively about finding
and attracting diverse talent.

Along my journey, I have had the opportunity to help generate multi-millions in salary offers for hired talent and billions in corporate value for F500 companies and startups. My lifelong practice has been to facilitate real connections between people and economic opportunities, fueled by logic-based reasoning, diverse techniques, and practices rooted in empathy.


My new visual handbook, The Introduction Effect: How Great People Get Connected to Great Things, simplifies the complicated. It sheds light on a superpower we all have inside of us: the power to introduce people to opportunities.


I invite you to explore the process and impact of introductions with The Introduction Effect. Your network will never be the same after you read this!

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